Who i am

From developing products for small teams who have nothing more than a concept and no idea where to start, to designing global ranges for established, international brands such as Reebok and lululemon athletica, I have developed an interdisciplinary practice specializing in soft products and innovative design projects. My work has been exhibited at SXSW in Austin, at the MIT Media Lab, and at SIGGRAPH in LA and featured on websites such as VOGUE, HYPEBEAST and HIGHSNOBIETY

Ok, but who am I really?


I am a designer, dreamer and thinker. I am conceptual, curious and goal-oriented by nature. I am a passionate doer, creator, and maker. I believe in design that triggers our senses and stirs our emotions.


I bring imagination, innovation and execution to projects and collaborations. My goal is to bring joy to others through inspiration, beauty and delight. I believe in it’s ok to fail, (I do it quite often). I strive to create what has never existed before. My favourite question is “what if?”


I believe that the impossible happens when we examine situations and problems from a place of inquiry and wonder. I hope to bring bold optimism and playfulness to the world through my design and my actions.

what i do

I am a multidisciplinary designer practicing innovation in every medium, pushing the limits of what is possible.


that are intelligently tailored to the user's needs. I achieve success and innovation when I play in the space  where fashion, function and technicality intersect.


that are engaging and magical.  Some combine creativity and my artistic vision with cutting edge technology and R&D, while others use traditional materials and provocative questions to engage communities and leave people touched, moved and inspired.


that bring joy, excitement and inquiry to people's lives.


From initial design ideation, conceptualization, trend/innovation research and creative direction to full technical drawings, prototyping, testing and implementation, I have the skills and experience to create commercially successful products that blend innovation, function and beauty. I move with agility between the realms of color, print, graphics and the demands of technical product. I particularly love to create soft product solutions for athletes and bodies in motion, and have developed an extensive portfolio of accessories across technical and lifestyle product for both men and women. I have a high level of technical expertise, extensive knowledge of materials, trims, technologies and offshore sourcing and production.

BUT DON't just take my word for it, here is what collaborators and clients have said:

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dana on a design project and, in the process, gained an understanding of her qualities as a design professional. Although Dana is an accomplished and talented soft product designer with a flair for accessories and bag design, her ability to collaborate on technically challenging projects is admirable. Dana’s superior thinking ability is, in my opinion, her strongest point. It is this lateral thinking ability – her ability to think beyond just the obvious solution – that caught my attention. Dana is a true embodiment of the notion that design has evolved into a creative critical thinking process – a process that breeds ‘real value innovation.’ So far, in my time as a design engineer, Dana is the most exciting, enthusiastic and thoughtful designer I have worked with. Dana has a likeable and down-to-earth personality which makes working with her very easy – a trait that I believe is a great asset to any team.
— Vincent Ashikordi, Product Designer and Design Engineer
I worked with Dana on an interactive conceptual art piece called Nest for submission into SIGGRAPH 2011. Dana was an amazing, creative drive behind the project. She is able to collaborate with a team, taking and sharing ideas every step of the way, from inception to construction. In fact, she was the glue that held the group together, making sure to include each team member and their contributions, so nobody felt left out. She is always positive and often had out-of-the-box solutions to problems we encountered. I would definitely recommend Dana for any position, especially those that allow her to explore creatively.
— Bryan Rite, Founder & Principal Engineer, Brite Interactive
I knew with Dana’s keen on eye for cutting edge technologies that having her design a window installation for Nuit Blanche would surpass my expectations and boy did it ever! Two interactive window displays for traffic on the street to interact with were designed and their images were broadcasted to another location across the city so people could connect with one another in an entirely new way. It was cool, cutting edge and most important fun. Dana listened to what was needed and created a work of art. There was very little that needed to be done on my part, except create the space for her to make the magic happen. I was very happy to have worked with her on this project.
— Cara Cameron, Area Community Manager for lululemon athletica.

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