A note from the Universe

I subscribe to the TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts community) Notes from the Universe. Each day, I receive an inspiring, encouraging message, tailored to my goals and aspirations. They are almost exactly what I need to hear in that moment. Today's was so perfect that I had to share:

Learning to disassociate your dream's manifestation from the illusions that now surround you, to release yourself from the burden of figuring out the "hows," and to trust what can't be seen, are the high watermarks of creative enlightenment.
Have you ever felt utterly stopped by the not-knowing-how? This often happens to me, especially when I'm going after those big creative dreams, the ones bigger than anything I've done before. So of course, I wouldn't know how, because I've never been there before. And if I'm going to create out-of-this-world experiences, or products that have never existed before (which, by the way, is what I'm really passionate about), there will be no road map as to how. So I'll just have to get comfortable with that feeling of uneasiness, and trust that it must mean I'm on the brink of something really really fantastic.

Thank you Universe, I needed that reminder.