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Wayfaring Bag (aka Festival Bag) repeated a second year

Festival Bag (aka Wayfaring Bag) Summer 2013 | Image by  Bright Photo

Festival Bag (aka Wayfaring Bag) Summer 2013 | Image by Bright Photo

I've received a few emails from people who love the lululemon Festival Bag (what I called the Wayfaring Bag) that I designed for Summer 2013 and are wondering if it will be available again so they can get their hands on one. I no longer design for lululemon, but I did see on their website today that they brought the Festival Bag back!

This is awesome news for two reasons. It means that:

  1. it was a really successful style (yay!)
  2. all you ladies who have been looking to score this bag but missed it last year are in luck! 
Still got it: two years running, this bag is chic both at festivals  and  on the street | left: photo by Dana Ramler Design, right: photo by  lululemon athletica

Still got it: two years running, this bag is chic both at festivals and on the street | left: photo by Dana Ramler Design, right: photo by lululemon athletica

It looks like there are some great colour combos - I am especially loving the webbing on the grey one. Happy festival season!

Festival Bag 2014 | images:  lululemon

Festival Bag 2014 | images: lululemon

Festival Bag 2014 | images:  lululemon

Festival Bag 2014 | images: lululemon

Product photos: Wayfaring Bag at Wanderlust

Back in July, I promised a Wanderlust recap, and I'm happy to say I have some pictures of my Wayfaring Bag design in action that weekend. It was especially exciting to be using it while I attended this event because Wanderlust Festival  was the exact scenario I had in mind when I designed this bag. 

used mine the whole week I was in Whistler and, though I realize this may sound biased, I loved it. I was lugging around my yoga mat with my shoulder strap, so it was wonderful to be able to wear the bag around my waist to lighten the load. I loved the phone pocket - it's placement on the back panel of the bag meant I could feel the buzz and stay connected all weekend. It was the perfect size, and the interior pockets were perfect for stashing sunscreen, lip gloss, sunglasses and snacks. The best part? When I went through security at the Saturday night concert, the guard complimented my bag!

Here are some pics of my friend Jess rockin' the lilac bag.


Wanderlust ready. Just add shades and malas.

Wanderlust ready. Just add shades and malas.

Wear it around your waist when you don't want anything heavy weighing you down. 

Wear it around your waist when you don't want anything heavy weighing you down. 

Takes you from down dogs to dance parties

Takes you from down dogs to dance parties

Phone pocket is easy-access

Phone pocket is easy-access


Press: festival bag featured on The Elle Tee

Photo by  wellshot  via  The Elle Tee

Photo by wellshot via The Elle Tee

I am fortunate enough to be attending Wanderlust Festival in Whistler this weekend as a volunteer. For those of you who don't know about it, Wanderlust is a festival celebrating yoga, music, art and much more. These four day summits take place all over North America, with more locations being added every year.

I can't wait to practice yoga with international teachers, dance with friends to awesome music, and be in Whistler during the heat of summer. I plan on posting a Wanderlust recap when I return, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd share this post I found from yogi/blogger/stylist Lexie of The Elle Tee. She did a post about her go-to Wanderlust outfit that features my festival bag design from this year. She has some really great things to say about it. You can see the whole post here.


image via  The Elle Tee . Photos by  wellshot

image via The Elle Tee. Photos by wellshot

This festival bag from lululemon athletica sure makes me feel festive. With the many ways to wear it; from cross body to fanny pack, it’ll be my go-to accessory during Wanderlust.
— Lexie, theelletee.com

I'm honoured this bag can be a part of Lexie's Wanderlust journey. Hopefully I see even more of these bags in the village at Wanderlust Whistler. Check back again soon for the recap.

Portfolio Update: Summer Bags


I'm excited to share an update to my portfolio page. There is now a page for the Wayfaring Bag and Summer Tote that I designed for lululemon athletica. 

On the left is the perfect summer festival bag (as an update to this bag  from last year). Whether you're hitting up outdoor yoga classes  or concerts, it's sure to keep your gear safe and your hands free. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it cross body or around your waist - yogi's choice!


On the right is a versatile summer tote (as an update to this bag from last year). Perfect for yoga or beach gear, it's lightweight and has space for everything you need.


Gratitude + Community Art

Today I'm grateful for.... illustration of my gratitude by  MELISSA MEDWYK   

Today I'm grateful for.... illustration of my gratitude by MELISSA MEDWYK 

My friend Ayla and her partner recently released 1THING, an app that acts as a gratitude journal. I love the idea of being able to make notes of things I am grateful for throughout the day by using my phone (something I almost always have handy), rather than having to remember to bring a physical journal along with me. Further, I love how 1THING is not just an app, it's a community. You can keep your thoughts private, but you also have the opportunity to share your gratitude with others. And each day, an artist-in-residence chooses one of those gratitudes to illustrate, making a beautiful piece of art. Amazing project, right?


Illustration for 1Thing by Mike Ellis

Illustration for 1Thing by Mike Ellis

Inspired, I contacted Ayla to see if she would be interested in collaborating. My experience creating Before I Die walls in my Small World Big Dreams event demonstrated to me how powerful and inspiring it can be to ask provocative questions and have people answer publicly. I love the digital community of 1THING, but I'm interested in taking the concept out into the physical realm. What if we ask people what they are grateful for as part of a collaborative art piece? What if, just like the Before I Die project, we ask people to complete a sentence and share their hearts with a community on a giant blackboard?

With 1THING's support, I will be creating a 'Gratitude Wall' community art project. It's going to be installed in Whistler Village during Wanderlust Festival next weekend. Wanderlust is a festival that celebrates music and yoga - the perfect environment to celebrate gratitude. 

If you're headed to Wanderlust, make sure to have a look around the Whistler Village for the Gratitude Wall. I can't wait to see what your'e grateful for.


Update, September 1: There is now a portfolio page set up for this project. Check it out! See more here >


Photo: Pat Young

Photo: Pat Young