Y-3 Concept Collection


As a personal design challenge, I created a conceptual set of bags for Y-3, focusing on a Spring/Summer season. I examined the brand's heritage and ethos and created a small collection from a very exploratory, hands-on approach. 

My goal was to showcase my hands-on way of working, where physical prototyping happens concurrently with sketching, each informing the other. A folded piece of paper inspires a sketch, a sketch inspires a sewn test, and a sewn test leads to a final mockup, which is then scrutinized and improved. This is my favorite way of working, and I find it produces the most creative results. 


The result is a collection of three bags that explore different sizes, shapes and purposes in the context of the Spring/Summer season: an iconic backpack whose details and patterning influenced the overall collection, an expandable duffel bag, and a transformable utility vest/bag hybrid. 

Please visit the project page for a look at the complete journey.