My latest work for Reebok is now in stores: the Spring/Summer 2019 Women’s Foundation collection. Designed for the price-conscious, athletic female consumer, the challenge for this collection was to balance cost and features without compromising on style.

The previous Foundation Collection was due for an overhaul, and my expertise was needed to determine the right silhouette assortment within the global competitive landscape at this price point. I was also tasked with finding the right ingredient mix to create an aesthetic that reflected the fresh direction of Reebok apparel.



  • Ventilated backpack with padded shoulder straps

  • Lightweight, ventilated cylinder duffel

  • Oversized, ventilated classic duffel with 2 handle/strap options

  • Lightweight, ventilated crossbody tote with adjustable strap

Check out the full portfolio page here for a closer look at my process and inspiration.


Coming Soon: Reebok Women's S/S 19 Foundation Collection


Some of the latest products I designed for Reebok have just hit the market: a collection of bags and accessories from the Women’s Foundation collection.

This consumer is price conscious but doesn’t want to compromise on function or style. We used a lightweight crinkle poly fabric, combined with large mesh panels for ventilation and a bold graphic to create the right balance. The collection includes a cylinder bag, duffel, backpack and tote, along with a water bottle and baseball cap.

I’ll be adding a full project page to my portfolio, but in the meantime you can take a look at these products online.


Reebok x Cottweiler SS18 Hits Stores


The second collection for the collaboration I have been a part of with futuristic menswear label Cottweiler is now in stores. The project, which debuted in July at Fashion Week in London, includes a small collection of accessories including hydration and headwear pieces. Inspired by Marathon Des Sables, a desert marathon regarded as being the toughest footrace in the world, the collection provides apparel, footwear and accessories aimed to address the harsh conditions of the Sahara

For my part, I worked on:

  • a lightweight cap with a protective, detachable neck cover
  • a hydration waist belt
  • and a lightweight hydration vest/backpack hybrid

The Sahara Vest Backpack is particularly interesting, as it is based off the Spartan Hybrid backpack/vest I designed for Reebok in 2016. Designed with extreme racing conditions in mind, it served as a good base to work from. Where the Spartan Hybrid was designed to be indestructible, the Sahara Vest Backpack needed to be lightweight and have UPF protection. We updated the Cordura fabric to a lightweight nylon and altered pockets and details where appropriate, while still maintaining the close-fitting, ergonomic and unique properties of the Spartan Hybrid.

The Sahara Cap includes a removable neck flap and mouth guard to protect from sun and sand, and is fabricated in lightweight UPF fabric.

Read more about the project on my portfolio site and on HYPEBEAST.COM


Spartan Hybrid Video

Designing a super technical product is often much easier than the task of communicating all the technicality within the product. Some features or concepts can only be truly appreciated with sound or when shown on the body in context. We have shorter attention spans than ever; there is only so much text, only so many photographs someone will be willing to scroll through. Important information is bound to be missed.

On that note, I would like to share with you a video I made for the Spartan Hybrid backpack/vest that I designed for Reebok last year.

There was so much research and thought that went into this project - and so many details that were specific for the exact scenario for which it was to be used - that I just wasn't content with images and text alone to tell the story. My hope is that this medium helps bring a richness to the product that I haven't been able to fully communicate until now.

Please enjoy my first real foray into videography, and let me know what you think!

To see more about the research and process that went into creating this product, please visit my portfolio page.


One/Month: Latest Work

I have been working hard over the past few months to update my site with some of my recent work, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few of the highlights.

My self-initiated project to design and make one bag per month is still in full swing. It takes some time to photograph and document everything, so there are bags I haven't had the chance to share yet. That said, I'm really excited about the latest uploads:

Check out my project page to find out more about each bag and see the process behind how each was created. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Y-3 Concept Collection


As a personal design challenge, I created a conceptual set of bags for Y-3, focusing on a Spring/Summer season. I examined the brand's heritage and ethos and created a small collection from a very exploratory, hands-on approach. 

My goal was to showcase my hands-on way of working, where physical prototyping happens concurrently with sketching, each informing the other. A folded piece of paper inspires a sketch, a sketch inspires a sewn test, and a sewn test leads to a final mockup, which is then scrutinized and improved. This is my favorite way of working, and I find it produces the most creative results. 


The result is a collection of three bags that explore different sizes, shapes and purposes in the context of the Spring/Summer season: an iconic backpack whose details and patterning influenced the overall collection, an expandable duffel bag, and a transformable utility vest/bag hybrid. 

Please visit the project page for a look at the complete journey.


Reebok x Cottweiler FW17 Collection hits stores


The first collection for the collaboration I worked on with futuristic menswear label Cottweiler has finally hit stores. The project, which was inspired by sport aftercare and salt therapy, debuted in January at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

The collection includes a variety of accessories I worked on, including bags, caps and a sock. 


Pieces hit stores today, and quantities are limited. You can find some of the caps I worked on online at SHOWstudio.

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Reebok x Cottweiler SS18 Accessories


This past weekend, the latest collaboration I was a part of debuted at London Fashion week. We teamed up for a second season with menswear label Cottweiler, this time to create a collection inspired by Marathon Des Sables, a desert marathon regarded as being the toughest footrace in the world.

The entire collection included apparel, footwear and accessories designed with this extreme environment in mind.

For my part, I worked on:

  • a lightweight cap with a protective, detachable neck cover
  • a hydration waist belt
  • and a lightweight hydration vest/backpack hybrid

If the Hydration Vest looks a little familiar, it's because it was based on the hydration solution for runners I designed for Reebok previously, the Spartan Hybrid. We were able to build upon the particular research, knowledge, and solutions created for the extreme obstacle course race environment and adapt fabrics and details to suit the demanding atmosphere of Des Sables. 

The runway show included both the Reebok collaboration and the Cottweiler SS18 collection, both of which were met with great reviews. 

Arguably the focal point of the show, though, was the latest in Cottweiler’s ongoing collaboration with Reebok, which first debuted at Pitti Uomo earlier this year. This joint effort took inspiration from sports after care, and so tied in with Reebok’s ideals of combining the mental, social and physical.

More to come soon! In the meantime, check out Hypebeast and Highsnobiety for more photos and a behind-the-scenes look at the products.

UPDATE: You can now view the full portfolio page here


Coming Soon - Spartan Hybrid

Coming soon: A hybrid between a vest and backpack, designed for Reebok FW 16. 

Designed with the needs of the most elite obstacle course athletes in mind such as those running the Spartan Ultra Beast. To equip these inspiring athletes for the 26+ miles, 60 obstacles, and 12-14 hours of race time, this pack features:

  • strategically paneled two-way stretch cordura fabric and Black Cam cordura for the abrasion resistance
  • 2 liter hydrapak bladder, magnetic drinking tube and R/L outlets for a customized hydration experience
  • plenty of easy-access stash pockets for storing food/fuel or gear
  • waterproof bonded pocket for race-ready electronics
  • soft, brushed fabrics next to skin for a chafe-free run experience
  • adjustable side-release with elasticity for easy breathing

The feature I am most proud of though is the easy refill system. Simply unclip at the sides and flip the bag front to pack for fast and easy access to hydration. Minimal construction and a streamlined user experience help to save time at water stations while giving tired hands a break from unnecessary actions and adjustments.

The project is a result of an intense research period, multiple prototypes, user testing and expert athlete feedback. 

Make sure to check back soon for a full portfolio page and video of the Spartan Hybrid in action!

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Reebok x Garbstore Pump Backpack

Another collaboration I was a part of was recently released: the Reebok x Garbstore Commuter Pack, a capsule we developed with the famed streetwear brand to address how the clothing you wear can affect the journey you have. 

The Insta Pump technology was the inspiration and anchor for this entire product capsule and re-incarnates the Pump’s original usage. The Pump Commuter Jacket is the first piece of apparel to feature Reebok’s signature technology as a fully integrated element of its design. Intended (though not exclusively) for travelling, the jacket’s removable bladder can be inflated for neck or lumbar support, and can be stored away in its own neoprene case when not in use.


I am so excited to share the backpack I worked on for this project, where we tweaked one of our beloved iconic styles that uses our infamous Insta Pump technology to create the perfect compliment to this collection. We used the Insta Pump technology in the shoulder straps for a customizable comfort-focused ergonomic fit, as well as Cordura nylon for durability on your commute, subtle reflective hits, and luxurious suede and leather that hook back to the shoe. The Pump Backpack also boasts ample storage space with a drawcord top closure, internal slip pocket with padded back, and sealed seams.


Check out what  Dropdate had to say about the project:

Garbstore’s Ian Paley has teamed up with Reebok on several of the most boundary-pushing collaborations in recent memory. While much of the footwear world focuses its attention on innovations of the future, Paley has tended to look at re-interpreting the technology, functionality and vintage materials of the past, with a focus on revealing the unseen components of some of Reebok’s most iconic classics.

Head over to Garbstore to get your hands on some of these coveted pieces. 


Coming soon: Reebok Spring/Summer 17 Bags

We are now well into Spring/Summer 17 and that means a new season of my designs for Reebok are hitting the market. I am most excited about the Elite Backpack and Convertible Duffle, both featured here.

Photo:  Jules Castel

Made with durable yet stylish Cordura fabric, these bags are designed for the athlete on the go. Large, breathable pockets for storage of sweaty gear, reflective details, brushed pockets for your phone, padded laptop pockets and water resistant zippers make sure you and your gear are taken care of all day long. From your commute to work to your workout (and everything in between), these bags have you covered! 

Check back later this month for a complete portfolio page with many more photos from the very talented Jules Castel.

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Hypebeast: Behind the Scenes of the Cottweiler x Reebok Collaboration

Hypebeast recently shared a behind the scenes look at the Cottweiler for Reebok collaboration that debuted earlier this month at Pitti Uomo.  The article provides a lot of great insight into the approach for this collaboration as well as the inspiration behind the FW17 capsule. Have a read and discover more from Cottweiler about the project concept, material usage and details.

Many of the shots include the accessories I worked on. You will see bags, caps and socks, all of which were designed with fabrics, executions and key details that tie back beautifully to the apparel and footwear. I am especially excited about the Memory Foam Holdall - a convertible backpack/duffle with a textural emboss that comes from the salt therapy inspiration for the entire project.

Image: Hypebeast

Image: Hypebeast

The luggage is pretty important,” he says, picking up a backpack/holdall made from memory foam to show us. “This incorporates the entire collection – all of the fabrication, all of the detailing – it’s the concept piece for the accessories.
— Ben Cottrell, as told to Jason Dike

For more information and images, visit

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Press Coverage for Reebok x Cottweiler Project

It's been a week since the debut of our collaboration with Cottweiler at Pitti Uomo, and already the response has been overwhelming and positive. The project has been featured on Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Dazed Digital and WMagazine

The capsule collection, which will debut for Fall/Winter 2017, presented itself in the perfect balance between design and function. Technical fabrics were used through out the collection, which was mostly kept tonal, with a distinct techy edge to it. Truly giving the viewer the impression of looking at the future of sportswear, the collection which consists of both apparel and footwear, will for sure find its fans upon its release later this year. Stay tuned.
— High Snobiety

VOGUE also posted an article, which you can read here.

Image: Vogue

Image: Vogue

We had already been handed toweling bags with our press releases—the vibe was clearly therapeutic—and it was a theme transmitted through the clean, futuristic pieces on show.
— Vogue
Image: Vogue

Image: Vogue

There will be more information about the project and images coming soon. Stay tuned!