Spartan Hybrid Video

Designing a super technical product is often much easier than the task of communicating all the technicality within the product. Some features or concepts can only be truly appreciated with sound or when shown on the body in context. We have shorter attention spans than ever; there is only so much text, only so many photographs someone will be willing to scroll through. Important information is bound to be missed.

On that note, I would like to share with you a video I made for the Spartan Hybrid backpack/vest that I designed for Reebok last year.

There was so much research and thought that went into this project - and so many details that were specific for the exact scenario for which it was to be used - that I just wasn't content with images and text alone to tell the story. My hope is that this medium helps bring a richness to the product that I haven't been able to fully communicate until now.

Please enjoy my first real foray into videography, and let me know what you think!

To see more about the research and process that went into creating this product, please visit my portfolio page.


Coming Soon - Spartan Hybrid

Coming soon: A hybrid between a vest and backpack, designed for Reebok FW 16. 

Designed with the needs of the most elite obstacle course athletes in mind such as those running the Spartan Ultra Beast. To equip these inspiring athletes for the 26+ miles, 60 obstacles, and 12-14 hours of race time, this pack features:

  • strategically paneled two-way stretch cordura fabric and Black Cam cordura for the abrasion resistance
  • 2 liter hydrapak bladder, magnetic drinking tube and R/L outlets for a customized hydration experience
  • plenty of easy-access stash pockets for storing food/fuel or gear
  • waterproof bonded pocket for race-ready electronics
  • soft, brushed fabrics next to skin for a chafe-free run experience
  • adjustable side-release with elasticity for easy breathing

The feature I am most proud of though is the easy refill system. Simply unclip at the sides and flip the bag front to pack for fast and easy access to hydration. Minimal construction and a streamlined user experience help to save time at water stations while giving tired hands a break from unnecessary actions and adjustments.

The project is a result of an intense research period, multiple prototypes, user testing and expert athlete feedback. 

Make sure to check back soon for a full portfolio page and video of the Spartan Hybrid in action!