Reebok x Cottweiler SS18 Hits Stores


The second collection for the collaboration I have been a part of with futuristic menswear label Cottweiler is now in stores. The project, which debuted in July at Fashion Week in London, includes a small collection of accessories including hydration and headwear pieces. Inspired by Marathon Des Sables, a desert marathon regarded as being the toughest footrace in the world, the collection provides apparel, footwear and accessories aimed to address the harsh conditions of the Sahara

For my part, I worked on:

  • a lightweight cap with a protective, detachable neck cover
  • a hydration waist belt
  • and a lightweight hydration vest/backpack hybrid

The Sahara Vest Backpack is particularly interesting, as it is based off the Spartan Hybrid backpack/vest I designed for Reebok in 2016. Designed with extreme racing conditions in mind, it served as a good base to work from. Where the Spartan Hybrid was designed to be indestructible, the Sahara Vest Backpack needed to be lightweight and have UPF protection. We updated the Cordura fabric to a lightweight nylon and altered pockets and details where appropriate, while still maintaining the close-fitting, ergonomic and unique properties of the Spartan Hybrid.

The Sahara Cap includes a removable neck flap and mouth guard to protect from sun and sand, and is fabricated in lightweight UPF fabric.

Read more about the project on my portfolio site and on HYPEBEAST.COM